Do humans hibernate?

It seems it has happened

Take this case I read on the BBC about some bloke in Japan after going mountaineering with a few friends a Japanese man has survived for 24 days in cold weather and without food and water by falling into a state of "hibernation", his doctor has said.

It was decried by Brit Doctors and I myself had a job believing it as I always thought our bodies needed water at least to prevent dehydration.

He went it seems without water and slept for 24 days before being discovered.

He fell into a hypothermic state at a very early stage, which is similar to hibernation," said Dr Shinichi Sato, who treated the bloke; oh well another mystery.


I quite enjoyed reading this A very good idea I only wish they did it here it seems that the Lincolnshire Police (UK) on their nuisance patrols targeting underage drinkers confiscate all booze or grog as us Aussies call it and donated it to the pensioners in the area. They were handed out in the form of hampers; it seems the lads in blue ran out of storage space. Very thoughtful of them I must admit all here on the BBC


My usual whinge about Cricket Umpires

This bloke pictured below to me is a terrible umpire and in my view should be removed by the ICC (International Cricket Council)

The rules clearly state if there is some doubt the decision should go in favour of the Batsman.

This Kiwi Umpire who at times clowns around on the field gave the fairest player in the game out a bloke called Adam Gilchrist if Gilly knows he is out he walks off he always has but this time Gilly stayed put constant replays showed he was not out.

There is a video referee if there is any doubt one wonders why it was not used in this case.

But no this jerk raised his finger so he was given out Gilly is the fairest player I have seen on the field he would not have stood his ground if he had been out.

There is much discussion going on now about this I reckon but the decision is sadly irreversible.

Time for Mr. Billy Bowden to leave the scene in my opinion and thousands of other Australians, still at least I don’t think he will be umpiring in the one day international tournament which follows the end of this game.

Harold Bird or Dicky Bird as he was known as was a very fair umpire sadly retired now but the other international Umpires are good.

Oh well my bitching is over that’s all today folks.

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