When in Rome do as the Romans do

I expect most of you read and were taught this as a child by your parent’s or your school.

I received an e-mail today with this SITE on it and thought straight away how correct this decision of the Bavarian Government was.

The banning of the wearing of the traditional headwear of a practicing Moslem lady.

I don’t know about your country but I have to remover a rider’s helmet when entering a bank or other financial institution for a start.

This business of political awareness is a dam nuisance and in my opinion should be stopped forthwith.

If you elect to live in another country you MUST adhere to the laws of that country.

Bavaria is a Christian country so yes Moslems should keep their religious practices which by the way are being thrust down all Christian countries throats.

They are entitled to their religion by all means so let them wait until they go into their Mosque's for these practices otherwise they should conform to the laws of the land.

Ok so folk will say bash a Moslem; not true human nature being what it is and always will be would never have condoned this practice if the terrible events of September Eleven had not occurred; I myself do not condone such acts.

These ladies in this article had nothing to do with that terror but being human Christian law abiding Bavarian citizens want the practice stopped.

A quote “According to the deputy secretary general of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Christoph Kannengiesser, the wearing of a headscarf is not necessarily a political statement and it should not stop the communication between Muslims and Germans. Unquote”

True I quite agree but not to the changing of laws just to suit them NO SIR.

Personally I could not care less I see them here I have seen them in their own country if I had my way they would all be deported.

Not for the reasons you may think as I am not a racist at all but I live in a Western country Bavaria is a Western country also

I have noticed also as soon as you are in the air even on an Emirates flight whose headquarters are in Dubai they remove their veils and some even smile wow

This political awareness crap has gone on long enough and should be stopped forthwith I mean happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas what a sick and sorry joke.

It’s crept in here; I ignore it completely.

Thank you my e-mail friend for bringing this to my attention I am truly grateful she knows who she is and often sends me snippets of info.

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