Sunny Queensland it aint

Croc attacks policeman in Torres Strait It definitely seemed hungry for the lads in blue. ************************************************************************************************ An off-duty policeman has escaped from an attack by a large crocodile in the Torres Strait in far north Queensland. A Sergeant from Thursday Island police station was snorkeling on a reef near Adolphus Island when the croc attacked him about 15 metres from shore just after 12pm AEST. Note well the non use of daylight or summer time He was at the reef with his wife, who is also a police officer, and three other off-duty police officers. It is believed he was attacked from behind by the crocodile, which grabbed him by the head and shoulders and pulled him under the water. The crocodile swam away and his wife managed to get him back into the boat. He suffered wounds to his face and ear, but his injuries are not life-threatening. Another Police Sergeant says the snorkeling officer was about 15 metres from the shore with his wife and two other off-duty police officers. "Now he was attacked from behind by the crocodile which grabbed him by the head and shoulders and pulled him under the water," she said. "They both surfaced again soon after and the crocodile then swam away from him and into deeper water and that's when his wife, a Senior Constable , positioned the boat between her husband and the crocodile and actually assisted him into the boat. "She then immediately picked up the other people who were still in the water." His facial wounds were not serious and he has been released from hospital. One lucky bloke methinks. I swear we are getting worse this hoon was charged after a police officer was run down all in Sunny old Queensland A 31-year-old man who allegedly reversed a stolen car into a police officer last night has appeared in a Brisbane court, charged with attempted murder; shots were fired. I read these reports along with more on the ABC online (Australia) but still come visit we want to see youse all don’t let this sort of thing put you off ok.

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