Star Wars

Horror of horrors should this happen.

We don’t want the star wars business again originated by President Reagan and at the same time I read the Red Chinese used a missile in space.

I do think that all this space business should be discussed by the various space nations as well as nations that could and will be in various forms of rest and unease should these jokers continue in this vein.

My own government is concerned and rightly so.

The snag I think with the Red Chinese Government is they are getting very powerful now.

I wonder did The President of the USA discuss this matter with the new head of the United Nations Hmm I don’t suppose so but it is a matter of great urgency in my opinion, will we ever know what really transpired in the Oval Office Meeting nah I don’t think so.



Well we squeaked in and beat the old enemy again at cricket but I must admit the game could have gone either way; the Poms felt the heat I think but were very determined and there was a bad umpiring decision in our favour but this happens in the game.

Played a 100 kilometres away from me so I watched it on television petrol prices being what they are although it has now come down to A$102.99 a litre; after I filled up my beast of burden I was told it will be even cheaper on Tuesday.

The government and oil companies make most of the money naturally so it’s a constant battle of survival for a service station owner as well as us the great unwashed.

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