Blogging is not for everyone

In my opinion it is if the person wishes to blog. ************************************************************************************ But according to this ARTICLE it is expected to reach 100 million very shortly gosh that sure is a lot of bloggers out there. Some folk just don’t have time; others have plenty of time whilst others plead ignorance on how to use a blog (web log) to tell their stories. It is not a full time job by any means unless you wish it to be so some days I blog some I don’t for various reasons. Blogs however are very easy to use to write just about anything under the sun. I also noticed in this article on another page that Google the Giant is now overhauling the ailing Technorati as a web log search engine; I don’t doubt that for one second. Technorati’s interface can be hard to work out at times very hard. I do however recommend Google blogger if you wish to blog it’s free for one thing well at the moment it is. None of the other ones I have researched are in my opinion as good; some charge for their services and it does add up over a 12 month period especially to folk who cannot afford a great deal. At the moment I am having a great deal of trouble with one site I tried out so be warned and pick a good one. I won’t name the site for ethical reasons sadly I do not wish to incur their wrath. ********************************************************************************** Warning of a Worm in a 2007 greeting These things make all of us wild. ************************************************************************************* It seems a Finnish security mob warned yesterday of a so called e-mail worm called Luder-A or Tibs.jy so I suggest readers read the info HERE, these things should be picked up by our antivirus systems we have installed but not always so be warned. Why people make these things is beyond me I have several theories of course apart from the obvious one of just sheer annoyance to us. My number one suspect has always been the antivirus mobs themselves or the big noises that make our systems who really knows any thing is possible today in our crazy mixed up world I reckon. The thing is I know most of us are protected by antivirus but there are still some who are not which I found amazing when I first heard of it from a friend no less. Rest assured the said friend now has one. There are quite a few free ones available should you look I found Anti Vir and AVG very good ones. *********************************************************************************

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