Traitorous confessions

I must confess I did find it odd that the British Government permitted the selling of the hostage’s stories to the press.

However I did not find it odd that the so called confessions were allowed or permitted; I do realise that at the time of the Korean and Vietnam wars this was not the case but often wondered why the captives did not just admit their supposed wrong doings and just denied them if they managed to return, IF being the cooperative word here people; some did I guess and some did not.

To me personally they will never be considered traitorous at all it was a matter of survival why some insisted will never be known sadly, not to me at least.

I also realised all was not as rosy as it was portrayed by the media regarding the Royal Marines and Sailors in this latest episode regarding the violation of Iranian waterways but just went along with my rants as it would be expected of me in certain quarters.

But to be allowed to sell the story to a tabloid is another matter entirely and I am amazed that the usually staid Brits permitted such a thing; in fact I had quite a shock to read it and from the first sea Lord at that.

This would have never been permitted in the USA or Australia well I certainly hope not.

At the moment I am still recovering from the shock of reading this and one that hopefully will never be repeated

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