This is really what sport is all about

A deal signed between Australia and Bangladesh to help them with their cricket has just been decided upon it seems.

A previous agreement has just expired between the two cricketing nations but is not an unheard of thing indeed it is usually general policy to do this for all the cries of racism and there are always a few sadly this policy of ours is in general not abused and is directed at a genuine effort to join the two nations in this manner.

After all we do want decent and ALL I must stress this ALL cricketing nations together in a public spirited approach to the game and it has to be competitive; I have sensed that Bangladesh are more than proving their worth on the cricketing arena, in a sense they have already done so by walloping South Africa.

I was kind of hoping against all the odds that Bangladesh just might pull off a victory against England tonight it was not to be but after sitting up all night listening to the game I really thought they had a chance; well they did but England sneaked in.

They did however show some real pluck and definitely deserve to get more involved with the game than they are at the moment.

This is along with Pakistan, India and I am including Sri Lanka as they live just off the sub continent.

The business with India and the coach must not enter this at all in my opinion as India have a bloody good team it was just an unfortunate matter that has now hopefully been resolved.

It also gets nations together if you see my meaning.

I hope anybody that reads this has noted the fact that terrorism has not deterred any of us who indulge in this game of pitting leather against willow; I don’t think it ever will so don’t quote the Zimbabwe case of a few years ago as a match stopper as it was not terrorism but the leader of the country; he still does run the place as well sadly.

Another thing that caught my eye was the Tom Moody business he coaches Sri Lanka and has done since 2005 but there is talk of him leaving as the Sri Lankan coach at the end of the world cup.

Mahela Jayawardene of Sri Lanka said this today it’s a little involved at the moment with Justin Langer but Sri Lanka don’t really want Tom to depart as their coach. Ah well yes its an involved game just like footy I guess and we all have our likes and dislikes also there are contracts in all of this.

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