Americanisms am I guilty of using them

Well yes I suppose I am in a way but then I do write and/or chat to Americans most days online so I guess I have picked a few words up which annoy certain members of my family at times. The latest well I got to say I really like it its just another way of saying outrageous things but too funny oops there I go again lol what with cell instead of mobile too funny instead of just plain dreary old hilarious well its just off the wall stuff oh cripes I’m cracking up already ah well I like and it makes me chuckle so who really cares except my family. What the staid British half of the family will say I have absolutely no idea but then I don’t really care either; I have heard a couple of them come out with some off the wall stuff but am wondering if they knew it was called that at the time; but who cares now did I have my supper or is it dinner oh dear lol too funny for sure. Guess I better go hit the sack instead of just going to bed. I might do a comparison on American/Australian expressions if I can find the time it could be fun. Meanwhile we really killed the Kiwis in Grenada last night at cricket like lambs to the slaughter they were I never felt sorry for em either to be honest. Stephen Fleming can be like an old woman at times setting his field well I think so anyway; a ditherer could be one way to describe him. I reckon Daniel Vettori is showing the strain as well time to think of resigning Daniel I think you have served your country a long time now Hammered by 215 runs what a win Australia.

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