The Royal Easter Show Sydney NSW Australia

This delightful but very expensive show put on by the RAS was always a good un but after looking on this site boy has it got better. Most cities in the land down under have their own Easter show but Sydney’s is by far the biggest and best in my opinion and I live near Brisbane which is a long way from Sydney. I was always plagued year after year by my Children to take them and we did ONCE; as usual stuff was so expensive and as the years rolled by I guess it got worse then they grew up and found out that little fact for themselves when they decided to go. I suddenly thought of it as on the Tuesday that day was reserved for children so I thought I’d go look see if they have a website I found there is over 170 live gigs wow and now even a seniors day on the tenth and eleventh of April so us oldies have been relegated to the old children’s day by the look of it. Kid’s day called children’s activities day is now on a Wednesday it seems. The Sydney Royal Easter Show is also known as the Great Australian Muster (it never was) and is Australia’s biggest annual event, what some would describe as a shoppers paradise (I wouldn’t go that far) but an agricultural marvel for sure well I always thought so. I think after looking that the best place I noticed as did a website was the dome, the largest type of dome in the Southern hemisphere. Showbags for the kids were always a killer for Dad and still are from what I have been reading. Carnival or fairground attractions well yeah you have to put up with them I liked them when I was a boy as well very expensive now as no doubt my children are now finding out; tough lol. I did notice it is very much commercialised now much more than it used to be. I did not put anymore images on as I noticed whilst uploading them Google has now placed a limit on images not that I can blame them really.

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