Will Cricket’s world cup be between two Southern Hemisphere Nations?

I think without a shadow of doubt it will be as South Africa completely demoralised England last night. Australia and Sri Lanka are assured of a semi-final spot indeed the semi-finals are as follows, Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and South Africa. The thing is who will be the two qualifiers Hmm a tricky question. My personal choice is Australia versus New Zealand after careful consideration. Sadly the host nation is now out of contention which is rather a shame in a way but as folk say thems the breaks. There are some beaut looking playing fields there as well and to me they looked really well tended they obviously love their cricket in the West Indies. I noticed Tony Greig grumbling about the fact that Sri Lanka rested a couple of their players; SO WHAT any team can field whomever it wishes there is nothing in the rules to say they cannot do this, I think you will find if you go carefully back certain teams have used this tactic; personally I find nothing wrong in it especially when you are more or less guaranteed a spot in the Semi finals anyway. To me in some ways it makes sense, why it should be a bone of contention for Tony Greig to pick up on is odd to say the least. I have an audio clip of him with his ramblings but I have forgotten how to get it up on here now.


  1. Well, if you ask me, the finals will be between Auz and SA or Auz and NZ.

    NZ has a really good chance, if they stand their stand and beat SA. But either way, I think finally its the aussies who'll lift that trophy yet again! :(

  2. I know you are right and the way South africa played in defeating England has got me thinking these two would be great Australia and South Africa.
    Thanks for your comment Neo