Whales and SONAR


I had not thought of this but after reading this article it could well be that our Navy the RAN has quite unthinkingly caused this or could do along with other Navies who use Submarines and SONAR.

SONAR is used by most Navies today I should think and there are two modes active and passive it just means it is using sounds to locate objects in a navy’s case to detect underwater objects.

After a little reading I can see that this could also pose a problem for animals such as whales that use this system themselves.

This means that the good old boys in blue that sail the seven seas could well be responsible for whales stranding themselves etc.

Some evidence suggests that this is the case according to our sea power centre (a new one on me for sure) our Navy obviously knew about all this.

Australian waters have about 40 species of whales and dolphins this includes the Beaked Whale a much misunderstood whale.

Australian research is not good on the beaked Whale.

It is believed there are 20 species of beaked Whales known as ZIPHIIDS some have never actually been seen so there could well be more or less who knows; I must admit after reading this I was certainly confused but data can be found on Cetacean Society International by looking those words up on a search engine

I do know that our Navy has looked into and adopted certain techniques to minimise any harmful effects SONAR has and indeed will cause in the future.

What these techniques are well only the Navy can tell you that; if only these techniques could be used to stop Japanese Whalers yes quite a thought but it would be nice to see them stopped once and for all.

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