So you think you have lived in Puget Sound for ever huh

Well you may think so but the Suquamish have, well almost I don’t think I would argue with 15,000 years course I could be wrong here; but I somehow doubt that what is more they recorded their history with legends and song very similar I would say to our own Australian Aborigines.

All their history is not exactly written but can be sung just like the Suquamish history is.

The Indian reservation known as Port Madison is on the Kitsap Peninsula in the North Western state of Washington.

I have now discovered how Seattle WA got its name as well from the Suquamish of course as the leader of the tribe was one Chief Seattle.

I did often wonder how the name was arrived at but this info I read confirmed it.

To think I came across this info whilst researching for a blog post is not that amazing anymore thanks to the World Wide Web and the internet.

So I guess I better get back to where I was this is a problem with the internet one gets carried away and can virtually end up anywhere; thank goodness for the home button.

Ah yes I was looking at the Pioneer farm which is Internationally acclaimed and rated by the Smithsonian Institute as the best historical museum of Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America,

Pretty good site as well lots of interesting info on it I assure you.

I got here via a chat session with a friend of mine who lives in the region; I seem to learn things all the time when I chat with this particular pal; I cannot mention a lot of them of course security etc suffice to say she seems to know what is what and actually does a lot of good work which by and large is ignored by most of the folk she helps.

As I read it there are tours etc to see and live what it was and is like with no labour saving gadgets and stuff, the making of butter etc in the traditional manner; it in fact looks a fun place to visit and really is not all that expensive, definitely something different at least in quite a number of things; one tip go in the summer it tends to get very cold in the winter so I was told this here is the site for more info

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