Are you a nappy headed Ho ?

Well in my usual game of pool today and a chat my friend brought this subject up so I thought I would look into this a bit more than usual to be honest I had never even thought of it as a topic for a blog. This however was explained to me throughout the several hours we were chatting etc. The upshot of this well yes I decided to at least write a little about this otherwise my career as an internet pool player was in serious trouble. The oddest thing I found after it was explained a little to me was NOT the fact that the same folk who demanded Don Imus’s head were of the same colour as these so called Nappy headed Ho’s but the fact that they use this language to describe themselves so why all this hullabaloo. This is a basketball team by the way I won’t mention the name except to say it was a female team Also it seems that Don has not just been suspended as the original article said from the New York Times but has since been fired no doubt to appease the same folk who call themselves this awful name. At times I do wonder what this world is coming to. I did not have to ask what Ho meant as I kind of guessed. In my country it is against the law to call a coloured person a name depicting their colour I realise I am talking the USA here but in all my readings and writings on this subject I still fail to see why a (dare I say this) black American is called an African American I was under the impression Americans were simply just Americans. These comments are but two out of a total of 951 I quote “ Imaus’s mouth over ran his brain again, and this time he went too far. When he slandered the Clinton’s as host of a banquet, he went way over the line. These latest racist comments make that pale in comparison. His hubris finally did him in, and he should be taken off the air permanently. He can spend his spare time working on ways to get phony write-offs, like his summer work program for children at his ranch. He is a fraud and a charlatan, and a disgrace to humanity. — Posted by John Connally • 9. April 10th, 2007 12:00 am Mr. Imus has apologized again and again. Let’s forgive and move on. — Posted by L. Gatewood” unquote. I liked this comment at least somebody is willing to forgive Don Imus's rashness So now what has actually happened to Don Imus? Well yes he was in the end fired and whilst I can to some extent understand why he was rude to those ladies in this Basketball team I don’t condone it but I bet that MSNBC and co would have kept him on BUT yeah there’s always one of them BUTS it really all boiled down to money and this mob would have lost thousands in advertising revenue so simple they fired a bloke who made a blue (mistake). Don Imus I read on various websites has done a lot for charity and was actually in the middle of a radiothon when this ugly business happened. You may be wondering about the colour of my pool player who told me this well just wonder on ok.

All this and in the land of the free or has freedom of speech gone by the wayside.

Merely my opinions and nobody elses

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