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Are polls accurate well that is a matter of some debate a poll of a hundred people according to studies whilst being more accurate than a poll of 10 decreases around the 500 mark and increases after a 1000 are you confused yet? Well I am for sure I mean it just did not answer the question at all did it? It seems our world is run on the success of these so called polls to some degree at least; me I personally think all of them are a crock of you know what. I asked myself had I ever been polled and the answer was that in 55 years of adult life it was NO how odd thought I and yet our political thoughts and more importantly VOTES in elections for any form of government are taken and used by the people that conduct these polls. We have a very important federal election coming up this year in Australia and I am already reading the results of the polls; why wasn’t I asked or my neighbours who it seems just like me have never been polled. Are we not considered important enough to be polled; I guess the answer is yes. Lots of things can influence an election result therefore to me at least it is commonsense that polls come into this equation; well they do it just seems I never get asked. It is not for what some would say where I live as I have lived in the places where most of these pollsters conduct their polls; you got it I have still never been asked. One wonders well I do whether we need these pollsters; do we really need them well if you answered in the affirmative you have either been one of the very fortunate few to have been polled OR you go through life depending on these pollsters; I am going for the latter myself. I have to admit I read these polls who doesn’t but do I believe them ah there you have it. If you believe those polls then you must surely believe all you read in the media about this whilst folk like me try our dammdest to get you to believe us instead. Trust me folks us bloggers are usually correct well we like to think we are so that is how I suspect the polls do so well by thinking that we are thinking, oh I have completely messed up here of course we bloggers are correct lol. Which reminds me I actually had a comment published on a well known Australian newspaper for the second time as well. WOW. The image below I voted on it’s a survey and not a poll lol what else did you think it was but I admit to being shocked at the result polls it seems are where you are actually bailed up by a person and just asked a question or two. Oh my oh my ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The gagger it seems has been exposed read it on the age but I was more interested in the interview with Major Michael Mori and Kerry O’Brien who is a very dogged interviewer I would hate to be interviewed by him maybe he is needed at the cesspit the USA runs in Cuba Kerry could easily earn his keep there I reckon.

I do feel very sorry for Major Mori actually as he has placed his career and his family life into jeopardy over the whole Hick’s affair.

I truly hope things blow over for him but deep down I know this will not happen.

Still one never knows if I need a lawyer I know whom to ask at least.

I noticed the good Major avoided all Kerry’s tricky questions with ease God how does he do that, he can tie our most senior politicos into all sorts of strife but not with Major Mori he simply evaded them so easily; please don’t consider politics Michael for heaven’s sake.

I am however thanking him for taking up David Hick’s case and really pursuing it the way that he did.

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