A Centenary of Scouting.

The father of the world’s scouts as a soldier more famously known for winning the siege of Mafeking it turned him into a national hero and seven years later he started the scout movement

From its humble beginnings in 1907 until August 2007 a world Jamboree in fact and it will be called 2007: One World One Promise.

It started with an experimental camp on Brownsea Island in the UK for a mere twenty boys of differing backgrounds.

Now it involves millions of young both boys and girls and men and women.

These I should add are from almost every country in our world and from every religion, race and culture.

I think that if Lord Baden Powell who kicked this off were alive today he would be amazed but very happy at what he actually achieved simply quite amazing really thinking about it.

He was 50 years old when he started scouting but it is going really strong still.

On February 22 this year which was the 150th anniversary of BP’s Birth a torch was lit at his grave in Kenya, many thousands of scouts attended this ceremony which included a procession from his old home in nearby Nyeri this torch akin to an Olympic flame is being carried even now by scouts and guides through Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France and Belgium and is due to arrive on Brownsea Island after going around the UK it will continue on until the start of the 21st world scout Jamboree.

I was involved myself in the scouting movement in Australia at one time and my three children were all members of this excellent organisation.

I actually thought with the advent of the internet and then the World Wide Web that scouting would decline; happily this has not happened.

I found what looks like the official video clip of this forthcoming event on you tube so I have put it on this blog post; I found it very interesting it runs for a few minutes true but its worth it.

Here below is a very old b/w photo of Baden Powell presenting merit badges to some American scouts from Chicago at the second world Jamboree in Copenhagen Denmark in 1924

So finally the video I promised which is of good quality excepting the opening which understandably is pretty old sorry about that good people.

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