I had really no idea us blokes were this bad

After reading this blog and its comments on the Melbourne Age I had quite a shock to think our women folk are being treated in the way portrayed on here.

I guess I had never really thought about it that much but after reading what a lot of these ladies went through well speechless comes to mind and I am certain if I were a younger man I would never stoop to the things some men got up to just to harass a female and I mean harass as in sexually harass.

One joker in some Middle Eastern land actually pushed his way up to one gal and just laid his exposed tackle against her thigh in broad daylight holey moley I mean I have been around yah know and been to some of these countries described but I have to admit its something I would never have done.

After further reading I did find that on average life was not too bad for these back packing ladies but I had a few shocks I can tell you.

It’s something I would never have dreamed of doing to the fairer sex in public like this or in private come to that

This blog was certainly an eye-opener for me it made me feel ashamed when I read of all the things various men of all nationalities did and are still doing to our women folk out there.

I now understand why a few Aussies are called mongrel dogs as this sort of thing happens here all too often I read.

A bad thing that comes out of all this is that a lot of women think of men in this regard and this is simply not true not true at all.

They are of course in the minority thank heaven.

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