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SPAM simply SPAM

I have written about this before I even provided an address one could write to and forward a suspected spam e-mail to if it was spam and trust me folks you will be able to tell if it is spam and make no bones about it here it is again; spam@uce.gov this is the mob to send them too it worked for a while but the spammers just changed various things in their mails; in occasional letters I get from folk some insist their yahoo mail gets a hammering from spam whereas their gmail address does not.

My gmail address does cop 100’s of them this came to my attention AGAIN purely as a result of reading an article in the Melbourne age arguing this very point with Australia’s largest Telco versus the Google giant; of course there could be much more here that has not been revealed like for example the Telco in question may supply anti spam WITH A PRICE OF COURSE this does happen what really bugs me is the fact that a lot of these anti spam mobs are free so why pay your provider for a free one, a good question that and at the moment of writing I have not worked out the reason why.

This is exactly the same as my provider supplying an anti virus (in my case AVG) for a charge of course it can be got free if you go and get it yourself and it’s a very good one along with several other free anti virus programmes on offer.

This is slyly done of course and a newcomer to the net or web would have absolutely no idea; in the beginning I know I purchased a well known brand but found others are just as good and in some cases better the added clincher is they’re also free, mine cost about A$89 at the time but is lower now I believe.

Getting back to SPAM I have noticed of late I am receiving more and more via my providers address as well as gmail,

Some I notice even have my yahoo address on them and yet I DO NOT ALLOW YAHOO TO COME INTO MY INBOX AS A POP 3 CLIENT food for thought huh.

Are they all in league with each other or what? it’s a logical question and should be asked; since I rarely if ever get comments I shall ask my youngest son he seems to be rather good on all things computer related, providing I can pry him off his computers that is, he has even been known to ignore his telephone at times (a bad sign or leave me alone message) yes well I can wait until the morrow I mean what’s one more day.

Now where was I ah yes world cup cricket I admit I had the most delightful shock upon reading THAT Bangladesh had upset the applecart again and routed the South Africans; yes I spelt routed correctly ok lol

This in turn puts strain on the old enemy England and us as well which all things considered is in my opinion good for the game as a whole

Now this has definitely stuffed up a few things my oh my I like it.

I do think however this event has been stretched out a tad long, even the stoic Matt Hayden was whinging about it and that is not like him at all.

I do feel sorry for the hosts the West Indies as they are certainly having a bad trot

Another study would you believe

It would seem that if both the male and the female smoke there is little chance of them having a girl such crap my wife and I smoked and we had two of each gender.

We did of course have friends who never smoked but the same result applied to them just the same; sometimes I think these Studies go to far out of context to be taken seriously.

Nuff said I think

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