Ireland's Run

Sadly Ireland will fail in its bid to win the world cup but what a tremendous run at it; they have certainly made big cricket teams very aware they were there in the West Indies very much so indeed.

The rules when a game is affected by rain has always been an annoyance but this time it really hurt.

These rules I think should be looked at AGAIN as it does seem very unfair at times.

So look to your laurels ICC as another contender is sharply knocking on the door and soon it will be for test match status I think,

At the moment they are an associate member of the ICC so a few more years I would say and test status would definitely be on the cards

The sheer luck of losing the toss seriously spoilt Ireland’s chances of going further in the super eights.

They will not always lose a toss you can count on it.

Soon the day may come when they fly out here for a few serious games I think.

The skipper of South Africa Graeme Smith said Ireland have some exciting new prospects in their team so I read

Test status is some way off I reckon but not that far away.

I recall when Sri Lanka at one time had hardly any coaching at all and were in a similar position as Ireland BUT have held the world cup and are playing very well at this one apart from being a great test cricketing team as well.

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