I really laughed when I read this

When I read this account of the Kiwi cricket team by a kiwi newspaper no less I really laughed my ass off.

Fêting them and all sorts I mean they are a bloody sports team not a bunch of historic warriors for heavens sake.

It all boils down in the end to the captaincy and yes I like Stephen Fleming its just that he is not in my view cut out to be a captain he dithers around out there on the pitch in front of the whole cricketing world like an old woman instead of letting the bowlers set their field to suit; I have always been like this regarding cricketing captains ok so yes he is the captain and can suggest a certain tactic I would go along with that but Stephen goes one step further.

To be fair he is not the only cricketing captain that does this; the Poms are favourites for that job never fear; as are the Pakistanis

And to think the Poms shut up shop by beating the host nation well in a way it rather annoyed me.

But the garbage this newspaper has written about their national team is WORDS FAIL ME OK.

New Zealand deserves to be beaten by Sri Lanka, well that’s a little unfair of me I guess but they will certainly need some exceptional batting to beat the little blokes from the former island called Ceylon.

For Craig McMillan to have said that he or any of his batting mates can not pick Muralitharan’s wrong ball is the biggest mistake of his career this will only strengthen the resolve of Sri Lanka.

After watching the game and the look of hopelessness in Styris’s eyes I must admit I did have some feelings for them but not for long.

On another matter regarding cricket I did come across this snippet on the Cricket Info site it seems in June 1899 a young bloke name of A E J Collins scored 628 not out this record has never yet been broken called the highest innings on record I doubt it ever will either.

Arthur Edward Jeune Collins was born in India august 18 1885 and killed in War 1 November 1914 at Ypres France but on a few afternoons in the summer of 1899 he definitely earned cricket immortality with that huge score.

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