Nooze from hither and yon

Sadly a US Navy pilot of the world famous Blue Angels suffered the ultimate destination of us all much earlier than his time.

This happened at an air show at Beaufort Southern Carolina on the USMC Air Station there.

It just crashed without any warning.

I recall many years ago at Farnborough Air Show in the Southern UK a fatal crash not a nice scene folks.

I feel for the bloke’s family and friends I have many images on my computer of this famed Aerobatic team and often watch them in fact in addition to a great screensaver I have of the US Navy Air & Sea Power on a CD-ROM sent to me by a very good friend in Poulsbo WA USA.

Life is so short.


Yes I meant that literately folks there is it seems a Blind Pilot due to land in Darwin he has been delayed until Monday bad weather apparently even though he cannot see it.

Rest easy he has two co-pilots who can see and I find this info very interesting his Route follows the same path of the 1919 London to Sydney Air Race wow hows about that pretty good for a bloke who is blind I reckon. So far, he has traversed 18 countries and weathered a wind-chill factor of minus 25 degrees Celsius (Minus 13 Fahrenheit) while above the Lebanon Mountains.

So landfall Sydney in about a month in a hang gliding sort of craft it must be a bit more sophisticated surely!!

The Internet May Eventually Be Scrapped

Well I certainly hope not and after reading this I somehow think it could be the second option discussed of a second internet running side by side.

Anything is possible today in this world of ours but this does seem rather extreme, still it’s worth a read and you can find it on this link.

I try to make all my links green but sadly it does not always work out as planned


  1. Oh, thats so sad about the Pilot! :( I always adored Pilots! Its quite a skill!

  2. It is quite a skill I know I have been flying as a boy of 14 until I joined the military and really enjoyed it.
    I did not fly in the military at all I stress I am not a pilot either I just went as a kid from school on sports days.
    Thanks for your comment Neo It was much appreciated