Have you ever noticed I have?

Some folk you write to just seem to send forwarded e-mails most of the time and never a serious letter. All a lot do is simply send ridiculous letters about one getting bad luck if you do not forward this on rubbish like that you know and oh yes I shall expect this back. I have fun with that one I do I send it just to them. Some even send the same gag you have sent them back with your name still showing on it; they have the forward all syndrome lol. Security is the name of the game here and I have explained it many times; all you do is put all folk you send or forward to after cutting out other folks addresses (VERY IMPORTANT) and put them ALL into the blind carbon copy (BCC) on most e-mail programmes you will then receive a mail addressed to unknown recipients; oddly with outlook it says from me to me and I don’t yet know why. Still I guess we are all different and I admit when I first started using e-mail and the web I was as bad but soon wised up; that was around six years ago though. I am not an old fart of course and do send a fair bit of humour and video clips/slideshows but not awful gooey stuff like I and no doubt you still get. I don’t worry if any of these of my contacts will have a whinge at me regarding this either. They will be to busy avidly reading the next load of crap to forward; me I just delete usually without looking at them. Then again we have ones who are only interested in instant messaging re Yahoo, MSN. ICQ, Aim oh there are many Jabber or Miranda. I only do this with two of my friends Some like blogging; indeed I was introduced to this art by somebody I write to Her advice and letters etc are welcomed. The URL in case you are interested is here and if you are interested in agates and American politics go man go look. [come speak to me] This I have found is the way to go in my opinion naturally you can say more or less what you want backed up by news reports and images. I do get a lot of readers of my blog thanks to Feed blitz a very good site it sends your latest blog posts to whoever has subscribed to the blog of your choosing. I thoroughly recommend them for bloggers they get a plus with me; if you wish to obtain the info just go to it on here in the side bar. Unfortunately for internet explorer users it does not show up as well as the Firefox browser which I have on my site also. I would indeed get rid of internet explorer but for the nasty fact that to view my bank statements online I must have them; I find this odd as I can log into my bank for transactions with Firefox and do; not much freedom of choice there readers is there? I have my favourite blogs where I can go and comment at anytime and do at times. One e-mail subscriber a good friend says he cannot do this but I can’t really see why not; he signed my guest book on it. Another blog I recommend is [here]. Oh well another day nearly over but not another dollar.

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