FOR STEVE IRWIN Very good I thought of Environmental crusader Philippe Cousteau to do this of course and and carry on finishing a documentary they were both working on I understand he was actually on one of Steve’s Boats the Croc One when this fatality occurred. It appears Philippe is President of the environmental group Earth Echo International and they were actually working together and yet I received an e-mail today from a friend in the USA here is a little of it and I can’t really say I enjoyed reading it a lot to be honest “e-mail quote 'Crocodile Hunter' exploited animals, says critic Feminist academic Germaine Greer on Wednesday she hoped the death of Australian "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin would mark the end of what she called exploitative nature documentaries, a discordant note amid floods of tributes unquote”. Report. The irony was according to this report stingrays was not on their Itinery at all. Cousteau, the president of environmental group Earth Echo International, said he had been enjoying his working relationship with Irwin, including catching saltwater crocodiles in Northern Australia. I see no exploitation here at all where this Greer person thinks up things of this nature is to be frank beyond me. I admit to putting this pic of Steve on out of sheer devilment I just couldn't help it LOL. Like all youngsters I guess he got over most of his brashness and was starting to enter the field of serious work regarding the wildlife left on this planet of ours; it still is one I hope and not been downgraded to a dwarf. And was working with Philippe to ensure we had a decent documentary to watch at night when bored, well I like to think so at least. Also my condolences to Steve’s wife and family. I for one am glad very glad indeed she is living in the UK now; quite frankly they are welcome to her and her proclaimed feminism. She has or had a husband by the way at one time; her views were at times quite valid as I saw it but not as regards Young Steve who although brash was actually doing good work when this happened So yeah good onya Philippe for your act it will be appreciated around the world for sure. [Source]

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