A few Facts on living in Australia

OR A SUGGESTION OR THREE FROM ME Like our present incumbent Prime minister has said if anybody wishes to migrate to this country they must be prepared to adopt OUR way of life no two ways about it. Religion is I believe a freedom of choice in Australia and hopefully will always remain that way. It matters not what religion from Christianity to Islam whatever. But things seem to be getting out of hand once AGAIN this MP has a case in point “Julia Irwin said she had concerns. In her NSW electorate of Fowler she referred to instances in her electorate of women's veils torn off, children spat at, and Anglo Saxons served before Muslims in shops.” Well yes I can to some degree understand that just human nature what with the Islamic terrorist attacks and so forth. Nothing new there this will sadly always be the case; but it could be alleviated quite a bit if immigrants and other folk who have been given the right to stay here stopped ghetto type living and absorbed their selves into the community. This problem will take many years to overcome indeed sadly it is only just now starting to take effect with our indigenous neighbours; even now there is still a lot of ill feeling from some folk towards them, and this was rightfully their land until the white man came here, well it still is. So some advice for intending settlers here is as soon as possible take out Australian citizenship (you can still keep your old one) if you are a refugee I suggest you put this in to motion as soon as possible and please Endeavour to learn English. Theoretically speaking all intending immigrants should already read write and speak it but as a refugee that would be a tad difficult so take advantage of all classes held in most cases all over the country and at night in some cases. AND DO TRY TO FIT IN WITH OUR WAY OF LIFE, you do not have to partake of alcohol if your workmate does but it is his right to do so if he pleases. There are indeed many of us who rarely drink alcohol so it is not an unsual thing really. If he/her is obnoxious towards you report the matter to the race and relations board. You will find if you keep a low profile and try to do all I have suggested life should hopefully be much easier in your new adopted country. Please also bear in mind if you are of the Islamic faith to never show ill will to any of us and you should eventually fit in.

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