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I DID MY CIVIC DUTY TODAY FINALLY Well I thought upon wakening I would have a quick shower and off just around the corner to vote at the Queensland elections today; I had previously been assured by the Australian electoral commission that I could vote there it was staying open for that purpose. So a quick cup of tea and off I go I walked around the corner but no such luck they were closed with a notice giving the location of the polling booth for Nambour, it seems there was only one and that was the state school. Back I go to the car; drove to said location zilch just an empty school a huge place I might add. I spotted a lady walking in so I enquired if this was the spot yep says she; I soon lost her I tell you, a quick walker that one. I must of walked a good Kilometre or so and thought ah the hell with this so I thought I would go back to the car where like an idiot I had left my cell phone and make further enquiries. Aha but then I espied another lady also looking we had a brief chat about it and she said it is here somewhere I will come with you (walking cane was now in use) after a Kilometre or so we both spotted the first lady on her way back who gave a vague backwards wave so finally we made it to the polling booth. So I made my choice preferential voting is our system here so I put the candidate I loathe last lol. Bottom line is I scored a new blogger from all this with one of the volunteers handing out the usual crap; this is funny he was working for the guy I put last. We shared URL’s. Are you going to blog this I said? Nah mate says he I can’t be bothered I just laughed and said well I am; so maybe he’s reading this or may do after 6 PM when the booths close. We only had 4 candidates here in this area so here is a selection of how the literature looks like. I filled in one to show youse all but they are not my true selections ok suffice to say I am not a conservative so I will leave you all to guess lol. This bloke happens to be the sitting member For Niklin with a huge following; he is not my favourite son but he most likely is on all the lurks and a conservative to boot BUT he is not the only conservative on here. This one below and his claims really make me laugh he has or his party has at least (Liberal National Coalition)this is the same mob who run our Federal government to be truthful. Yeah he has dreams big dreams they never work out of course. I guess by now you will have figured he is number 4 lol Take a look at his promises for heavens sake Now Katherine here has not got a cat's chance in hell of getting elected will not be number one on my vote but will get my number 2 vote for sure as I am a bit of a greenie. Do you know I do believe I have told you my choice lol Mind you Peter Beattie needs to get his act together especially with some of the outrageous promises made by the National Party promises as most of them are a huge problem in Queensland and Peter has not solved them as yet.

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