This doesn’t surprise me in the least

The AWB could face terrorism-related charges for its bribes to Saddam Hussein. I read blogs and news articles about this kind of thing happening in the USA and also the nasty way in which their senate passed a bill re holding trials off shore against non proven combatants thereby flouting the laws passed by the supreme court there but it seems its much the same here. I did do a blog on this last month I think re this scandal vigorously denied by Howard and Downer in the beginning; eventually they both sort of agreed it happened with very glib explanations as to why. But now it seems the AWB are in deep doo doo and have passed the buck onto this bloke Andrew Lindbergh. This {article} by the Gold Coast Bulletin shows quite clearly all was known about via e-mails and the bribes ran into hundreds of millions of dollars even suggesting the money was for concrete bunkers to Saddam Hussein for burying Kurds. I guarantee Downer wriggles out of it but I am not so sure about Andrew Lindbergh the ex managing director of the AWB. *************************************************************** http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping ***************************************************************

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