NOT THAT IT WILL YET IN MY OPINION SO COME TO THE AID OF THE PARTY AND JOIN US CAPITALISTS AS A FULLY PAID UP MEMBER The People’s Republic of china it seems is trying to cling to the old ways but what can one expect of a communist nation? You cannot have your cake and eat it as well. I was taught this as a child and it still holds good. The Chinese government cannot in my opinion want to become capitalists and still clamp down on their people; they are of course; so now it looks like the freedom of foreign news agencies is at stake, I guess the Chinese are trying to restrict us westerners from seeing exactly what goes on in their country. A sheer waste of time most of us realise what is afoot having seen it there. So China do us all a favour will you put up or shut up. You cannot be a capitalist and a communist both although you try very hard to do so. I did at one time e-mail quite a few people from China but I noticed that was discouraged although I get the odd one on MSN instant messaging at odd times. Attention China we still have our China watchers trust me not many of us here at least really trust you; no doubt you do not trust us either who cares I sure don’t but I assure you I will never set foot there. Tiananmen Square’s massacre still sticks in my craw. I notice that up until now you are still keeping the bargain struck with the Brits regarding Hong Kong of course it suits you doesn’t it where one can be a millionaire there; my mind boggles when I think of that and yet a lot of your people are living on the breadline it is all on this {BBC report}. Your human rights record is appalling simply appalling. Is that one small reason you are denying foreign news agencies; it’s certainly possible but I don’t think that is the real reason somehow. Oh of course you can spend much needed money in rebuilding the Qinghai-Tibet railway but not on your poor {but} then I ask myself why did you take Tibet back as you claimed it was yours in the beginning; ask a Tibetan how he feels about your soldiers there that may give you some idea. Ask his holiness the Dalai Lama forced to live in exile what he thinks regardless of whether he went or is going to China on a visit; I have a good idea what he would like to say, maybe he has or will as the eyes of the world are on you now Mr. Red China. Personally I have had my rant against you FOR NOW but I will not forget you; one last gibe why do you usually veto western decisions at the United Nations? Ah North Korea do you suppose?

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