THE SOLOMON ISLAND AFFAIR From what I have been reading on the ABC and watching; you don’t appear to it seems and yet in a quote from our ABC online you seem to be still pouring taxpayer’s money into the Solomon Islands Quote “We're not trying to take sides politically but we are determined that if Australia is to continue to pour the millions of dollars of our taxpayers' money into that country, that in return we have to see some improvement in economic growth and some reduction in corruption and some improvement in governance” unquote. Something much more radical must be done surely? The only reason you committed our military and Police to the Solomon’s was to sort out the greed and murders etc seemingly done by the Government and their opposition as it turns out. Now they have almost severed diplomatic relations by declaring our Representative there Persona non Grata. The joker that did this is their Prime Minister hey you are one I just recalled; wise up mate for goodness sake. How do you really know what the Solomon islanders want? I have read and been told many times by other pacific islanders that the Solomon’s is very warlike and was avoided if possible, it seems it is carrying on its tradition. Personally my thoughts are let them get on with it go spend the taxpayer’s money where it is needed in AUSTRALIA. You know health, medical, oh all manner of things. What do you think of our National colours folks by the way neat huh? Courtesy of the ABC online [ABC]

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