I often have discussions with some of my e-mail pals in the United States who do not Blog but read my Blog; they never comment on them but one did write me and tell me that my stuff is all over the place when they go look. My ears pricked up at once obviously they use internet explorer as in Firefox mine and every other Blog I visit look great. Out of curiosity I decided to look in internet explorer and yep you got it my posts looked like rubbish; we are not amused nah I should not use the Royal we I guess. I am not a happy camper over the whole business. These Screenshots are all of the same article by the way. I have therefore done some screen shots of the appearance in both browsers even though my techie son said the problem can be resolved. My argument as he said (it is possible to correct this in internet explorer) but the average surfer or net user does not know how; He conceded this. So I will show you the shots of Firefox first see what all you internet explorer users think and then I will show you the cruddy view in internet explorer; you may think differently then, in fact I will do them together as one can see what browser they are shown in.JUST CLICK ON EACH SHOT TO VIEW IT. Ah yes to see it all properly in internet explorer you will have to go to a different blog post all together in fact it was the last one on the page, not the best huh!! You won't be disappointed if you download it. They also have an extension you can install so you can convert video clips from you tube into ordinary video clips; I know I already have it installed. well I know which one I prefer naturally so get it {here}

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  1. Mick,

    I thought there was some sort of difference in how your blog looked to you and how it looked to me. Strange that Firefox would allow that to happen.

    I have not yet tread the Firefox waters, but have been curious to see what it's like. Seems they need to fix that viewing issue, though.

    Good to see your layout skills aren't awful. The site looks great in the screen shots.

    Keep it up!