To Azzam the American [Thug and Murderer more like]

This IF VERIFIED is disturbing news very disturbing news. It first came to my attention on the BBC news who has this to say about it. It seems that Al-Qaeda using this person as a conduit has urged non Muslims to convert to Islam. This is what this Azzam joker has supposedly said To Americans "QUOTE and the rest of Christendom we say, either repent [your] misguided ways or enter into the light of truth or keep your poison to yourself, UNQUOTE" this was said in English on a new tape. It threatens in effect that if Americans and it is mainly Americans he has supposedly said this to, a nation mark you of immigrants that gave hope and the chance of a new life to millions of people for its freedom to worship who they want when they want and how they want. Who the hell does he think he is? He is it seems living in America has a name Adam Yahiye Gadahn. At this moment the FBI are seeking him so my money is on them; the tape looks genuine according to US officials but the CIA are still checking on that. One might say well he is entitled to his opinion and I agree but not to threaten the citizen’s of America who must have welcomed him at some stage. Also he has no right to threaten when he obviously knows that most of the ordinary citizens of the USA did not wish to go to the Middle East in the first place megalomaniac George did. After all that nasty business with the twin towers I guess folk were a tad enraged and who could blame them but they now just wish for their troops to return home. I stick up for human rights BUT this AZZAM bloke well there is no way I would help him in any way at all IF this report is true. I am sick and fed up of the carnage going on in the Middle East and it sickens me when I read of all the waste of lives on both sides but for this well words fail me. There can be no smoke without fire so unless this is some dastardly plot to sell newspapers then there must some truth in it. Fox news from [AP]

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