THIS ACT IS THE SORT OF THING MY ELDEST SON WOULD DO IF HE COULD. Shocking to think how some folk behave I think after all said and done, Steve was in the stingray’s backyard after all; some will do anything to justify loutish behaviour while others such as this newspaper will to glean a story blow it up just to sell their product; well not strictly true I guess except for the headline as most of the facts are in there. A [Brit] paper of course with this sensationalism, our papers put it in a rather different light as you can see if you read this story in the Sydney newspaper the Daily Telegraph and well known for its sensationalism also.[SDT] Why do people do this? Who knows akin to road rage I guess. Loonies is what they are really plain loonies; do anything for kicks sorta thing. Never mind the grieving family of course. Having said that it appears there are hopes that this memorial service for Steve will be screened in quite a few countries including the United States.

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