Beam me up Scotty

Yeah ok I admit it I am or was an avid fan of star trek so yep you can call me The Trekky I don’t mind is has a ring to it dontcha think? I must admit I was amazed and pleased when browsing through you tube tonight and saw this so I just had to blog it. It seems it’s a dedication to Gene Roddenbury, DeFORREST Kelly and James Doohan. And do you know I am sure I saw a Klingon or three. I never cared so much for the ones that followed it although I watched them James T Kirk and Mr. Spock were my favourites well there was one other and a good looking lady at that. Ah I have just recalled her screen name Lieutenant Ulhuru. She is on the next clip called star trekking. yeah ok I'm a space nut I know it. There she is her post by first officer Spock. The Enterprise I guess was named after the USS ENTERPRISE (CVAN-65) (later CVN-65) A Nuclear powered Aircraft carrier so huge I believe it could not get under the Sydney Harbour bridge. SO LIVE LONG AND PROSPER while I warp factor ten off to bed.

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