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WATCH THE VIDEO ON HERE A very interesting video indeed. After reading this article an old one as you can see by the date as of now no WMD have turned up nor that scoundrel Bin Laden.{BBC} Personally speaking I don’t think any will turn up. My view is Bin Laden is in his paradise with his Virgins or whatever and the WMD were just a valid excuse to go into Iraq. I do recall the POTUS saying after Afghanistan Iraq was next though. Well we are in Iraq the thing is when are we leaving? So many deaths have occurred after hostilities supposedly ended according to the POTUS, well he did not say that exactly safely tucked away on one of his warships, but he did indicate that way. These deaths are still going on; the dirty rotten scoundrel has not been espied and the trial of Saddam is a complete bloody farce.{More BBC} This is a map of the Deaths thus so far. In the first trial a verdict is due on October 16 2006 over the killing of 148 persons in 1988. As I see it if he is found guilty and he surely must why bother for him to be charged again with yet the more terrible killings of a 100.000 or more; silly ole me just does not get it. Why wasn’t he charged with the larger crime first? Hmm surely there is no likelihood of him beating the rap on the minor charge of 148 poor folk by any chance is there!! Yeah who knows? No jury in these trials either I read whether that is in his favour or not I really don’t know. What I do know is that in the case of the Second World War there were trials held and the verdicts carried out. By a large number of judges as I dimly recall being only a boy at the time. They were not farcical like this trial in Iraq. *******************************************

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