Will the Falkland Islanders Er Malvinas Islanders be better off under the Argentines? I think not if you read this very carefully but I guess that's not at stake really as Argentina will be if if can get the Islands back and as you can see they sort of have a claim and the Argentine in my opinion has quite a case after reading my history up on it and lets be honest the UK didn’t care less about the Islanders there. Of course they do now they have invested Millions of pounds in the Islands. They want a return for their loot and so far the Islanders are doing ok out of it. Some say it was because of oil there but do we really know!!! Well according to this well presented {blog} oil is suspected in the North Falkland Basin. And this posturing or sabre rattling is tied up with a permanent seat on the UN security council along with Venezuela so as this guy says we all need to watch Argentina very closely indeed. The Brits now they have got it back do not seem interested one iota but then they always were slow off the starting blocks. Some history for you to read. The Falklands War is the result of years of disputed ownership of the islands. Argentina says it inherited the Islas Malvinas from the Spanish crown in the early 19th century. The country also bases its claim on the islands' proximity to the South American mainland. The UK argues that most of the British-descended islanders want to stay British. Its case also rests on the country's long-term administration of the territory. Well I have been doing a little reading on this or research if you like AND it appears the islands are said to have been sighted in the 1500s by the Brits. An English captain made the first recorded landing in 1690 and indeed named it The Falkland Islands after the third Viscount Falkland and France, Spain and Britain subsequently established settlements. The first settlers were French would you believe and when the Brits decided to settle the place they found to their dismay a well entrenched French settlement of 250 indeed it was flourishing. So it appears there were three colonies established on these Islands but it gets worse the French it seems were bought out by the Spanish my word its getting involved now lol. The Spanish promptly evicted the Brit Marines on a fleet from Buenos Aires and sent them packing back to the old Dart. Argentina after inheriting the Islands from Spain was in turn evicted by the US Corvette Lexington; the skipper declared the Islands free of all government. The Brits were waiting in the wings as some would say and in 1833 the skipper of Naval Sloop Clio claimed these Islands who by now were definitely building up a history for sure and Argentine protests continued for the next 170 years or so. Argentina continued to press its claim to the islands, which intensified in the 1960s. In 1965 the UN designated the territory as a "colonial problem" and called on both countries to negotiate a solution. Talks held on and off for more than 17 years, failed to resolve the issue. After months of sabre-rattling, Argentine troops set foot on the islands on 2 April 1982, indeed they forced the Garrison and Governor General to surrender. As I recall now the Garrison consisted of 80 Royal Marines Naval Party 8901 there was however a small detachment of RM’s from this party on South Georgia who surrendered after an epic battle. Of course it may not have been oil and the rotten government in Argentina must have contributed to this event to become popular is my thinking; strange how all these South American countries have Dictators and the like. I read the last few lines on the BBC website. A former Argentine a part Brit now living in Canada said: "General Galtieri", in order to divert the Argentine people from how badly he was running the country economically, invaded the Falkland Islands he also said "Anybody who invades another country is wrong." Yes ok Iraq does come to mind. ************************************** Personally if the Argies had used highly trained military instead of frightened conscripts they could well be in Port Stanley still. From what I have read and deduced the UK government did not give a hoot for the Islanders until this happened and now well yes they have been seen to be making amends. So there has been some heavy investment in the Islands. According to this report in the UK {guardian} newspaper the results are amazing Just 22 years ago, the Falklands were barren outposts of the empire. The bare facts are startling. The Falklands, with a civilian population of just 2,400, have a financial reserve of more than £90 million. That comes to around £37,500 in the bank for every man, woman and child on the islands, and does not include the wealth in individuals' private bank accounts. Compare it with the thousands of pounds owed by the average household in Britain, and it puts it in some perspective. Think of the world's wealthiest places, like California, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and large parts of Western Europe. Now you have to add in the Falkland Islands, those rocky islands 300 miles off the coast of South America. It seems hard to believe these seemingly barren outposts of the British empire, regarded for centuries as a stop-off for whalers and a home to hundreds of thousands of sheep, can join the fleshpots of the developed world in a global 'rich list'. But they're up with the richest. So now to some extent I can understand the sabre rattling. And although there are many mines left in and around Port Stanley the penguins still nest according to this {report}and below is the main street of downtown Port Stanley click to make larger . http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping

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