Our knowledge is increasing for sure. Scientists it seems NOW believe there are many such systems similar to our solar system out there according to this {BBC} article I read with fascination will there be dwarf planets in it one wonders after the Pluto debacle; ah well I fear I and many of us will never ever know. It appears that the way we look for them increases the possibility of other systems much like ours. Personally I think it utter rot but fascinating all the same, another study of course!! Goes without saying we are full of studies these days on this that and the other. What these so called studies do in effect is to give somebody a wad of cash (no need for them to work then) and employ other folk thereby giving them employment (they need the work) the others are just plain greedy or simply mad yeah mad sounds good, like in crazy scientist; all in my opinion nach. Still I guess some good could come out of the fact that there are other systems like ours out there even if it does take a million years to come to fruition. That does not do us poor battlers any good does it? This study concluded that about one of every three known planetary systems could harbour Earth-like planets in habitable zones further out than the Hot Jupiter’s It was done it seems in Boulder Colorado at the university there so I guess maybe only one person was getting the big bickies (dollars) I guess the rest were students ah to be a student again life would surely be good then. No more scratching around getting the dollars for a loaf then; working in the field eating fast food (yum) ah I am just joshing all the same I see no need for a study of this magnitude. I just want ET to pop in and say good day all the way from Pluto er ok Mars then hows that!! Yeah I’m rambling again I know it, nothing else to do my scrabble opponents have given up on me. Will there be scrabble in the thirtieth century do you think as I reckon that’s when all these studies at Boulder will be settled once and for all. Hell I am hoping I’m still around to watch the Beijing Olympic Games. Ah well back to my relentless search for some Guns an Roses Video clips

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