Urban Legends: How They Start

To be honest I don’t really want to know why they start all they do is fill up my e-mail inbox with junk. There was a time when I read them and forwarded them on of course in my early days using the web. The usual crap like if you don’t forward this on a person could die or you would get seven years bad luck, the usual trash you know. One day I sent something similar to a friend and she told me quite bluntly as well from memory to check these things out at snopes so now I do if I think there is a grain of truth in the mail concerned; I do make the odd mistake however I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. I have taken screenshots of the site as some are still too idle to go and look, I send the link to them with the screenshot; guess what they keep on a coming so I just delete them now with just a casual glance in the preview panel in my e-mail, some folk just don’t absorb things at all I noticed. The same screenshots I have put on here by the way. Here’s their [site] Mind you these folk that receive them and I cop them a fair bit are up to another trick now they boldly assert I quote” this has been checked by snopes and found to be the truth” unquote; I check then of course and guess what it was a hoax usually. I like a joke like most people but this rubbish is getting beyond a joke Personally I don’t care about the opinions of these folk that have been quoted on the [source]. One of these jokers like the guy quoted here from the University of Wales thinks it all good fun well I am bloody sure I don’t and I am certain from some e-mails I receive from friends I have that they have similar views. I have whittled my contact list down a fair bit lately with all this rubbish I get. Here’s another whinge I have lots of times I pass something on only to get it back from them a few days later; it still has my name on it is how I know; obviously they don’t read their mails very well. Whilst on this subject I might chuck in my views of security in e-mails hardly any use the blind carbon copy (BCC) feature a few do but they are as scarce as hen’s teeth. I don’t forward now I just cut and paste to a new message pad and I still use that BCC feature it’s engrained in me now; unless it is just to the one person naturally. Mind you I don't want to lose all my contacts so I shall have to be diplomatic I guess. After being introduced to Blogging by a fellow Blogger and a good friend I must admit it is much more fun and I seem to learn a lot more and quite a few of my e-mail friends have subscribed to my blog site so all is not lost. ```````````````````````````````````````````

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