WELL MAYBE NOT It could be legend but I suspect it’s historic in a way as there is an old Castle in Eire called Blarney Castle where all the real blarney began it seems well Irish blarney as we all have our own blarney (cajoling talk) I do believe that means bulldust or plain B/S or as some say the gift of the gab but whatever it certainly looks a beaut spot. Blarney Castle was built nearly six hundred years ago by one of Ireland's greatest chieftains, Cormac MacCarthy, and has been attracting attention ever since. Over the last few hundred years, millions have flocked to Blarney, making it a world landmark and one of Ireland's greatest treasures. Now this stone is in actual fact called the stone of eloquence Now that might have something to do with the Blarney Stone, the legendary Stone of Eloquence, found at the top of our Tower. Kiss it and you'll never again be lost for words. But don't take my word for it - everyone from Sir Walter Scott to a host of American presidents, world leaders, and international entertainers has been eager to take advantage so I have read. This bloke here is kissing the stone as you can see, I am just wondering if Bill Clinton kissed it! I reckon he did. I read up about the blarney on the blarney you could say on this site here and there are indeed some great pictures on it and it is only 8 kilometres or 5 miles from Cork. So off you go and see a great spot. {Source of report}

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