An open letter to the Islamic council of the ACT

ATTENTION REZAUL MRIDHA I well understand our prime minister's and the Treasurer's views regarding their insistence that Muslims learn English and adopt "Australian values" in relation to women. You basically live in a Christian country it also has many religions ranging from Buddhists to obscure ones He is not as I see it stopping you from your religious practices in any way simply insisting you adopt our values in regard to our womenfolk. You can get as irate as you like but tell me and my fellow Australians why you came here? And all this rubbish about removing footwear; the treasurer is not vilifying you at all. When you chose to come here it is the policy of this country that you read, write and speak English, adhere to our customs as much as possible and treat your women with respect a thing lacking in your native land. Also I have noticed that Moslems in this country tend to live in ghettos just like the Jews were FORCED to do in Central Europe; you are not forced to do that you just decided to live that way Other ethnic races here try to assimilate but oh no not you. But if I was forced to go live in say Saudi Arabia for example I have to abide by their rules which I might add makes a women in a country like that become in effect a second class citizen . Well I have news for you sport we don't and won't allow this to happen here. Yes the mere fact you live here and indeed some may well be Australian citizens requires you to make it perfectly clear that you do not condone terrorism of any sort let alone from people of your religion, this time our treasurer was right for once. If of course those conditions are not favourable to you I suggest you pack your ports and go back from whence you came. Before Islamic fundamentalists decided to bomb and terrorise innocent people everything was fine, now of course we have to take care of ourselves and you are part of us so it was thought; you can't have it both ways pal. We don't get this fuss from other religions in this country only from yours it seems. Obtained [here ]

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