WHAT THE HELL DO THESE ISLAMIC FUNDEMENTALISTS REALLY WANT? After reading this about our army soldiers skylarking around in Iraq at first I thought it was a bit much but on second thoughts why was it too much I asked myself. We in the west can understand and take jokes BUT it seems they cannot; they want the Pope to apologise in fact they seem to want everything their way. I myself along with millions of others no doubt feel the same way; they cannot take criticism at all whilst of course we silly idiots have to give into them; not politically correct I guess. So what; I don’t really care after the turmoil they started and long before the 9/11 attacks as well. These people are using their religion in a way reminiscent of the National front, Communism and Fascism. They send younger folk in to do their dirty work with promises of huge rewards in Paradise, note well that the instigators stay well behind the scenes. No Paradise is wanted for them they are already in their warped idea of Paradise which includes them staying Earthbound. Getting back to our Military in Iraq this happened in the 1991 gulf war with our Navy; the perpetrators of that were given a warning no doubt grumbled at by an Islamic Australian. I am pleased that John Howard is insisting on all would be permanent residents here to learn our values and our language before being allowed to become a Citizen. Just thought I'd drop that one in; yes it is targeted against these so called Fanatics. For goodness sake, Lieutenant-General Peter Leahy, (The Chief of Army) just grumble or fine them and let the matter drop. I wonder now when I was in the Military did I get up to shenanigans like this Of course I did. {SMH }Newspapers I got quite a laugh out of the story so I thought I would go to bat for these blokes who were only letting off steam after all. Do we want to end up as this image depicts us? I certainly don’t. Frankly I am more interested if the Space shuttle returns safely than to read rubbish like this. ````````````````````````````````````````

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