HEY THIS IS MY BLOG I AM ENTITLED TO MY VIEWS OK. It seems our Navy’s honour is now on the line as well if you read this report. This comes in addition to our soldiers in Iraq. I actually like what our Prime Minister said Quote “Prime Minister John Howard called on Australians to cut them some slack, pointing out they were working in very stressful environments and entitled to "let off a bit of steam". He has a point I reckon good grief what are we coming to? Click {here} ```````````````````````````````````` BUCK’S FIVE WHINGES Our Prime Minister cannot understand their animosity towards his Holiness the Pope; me either I just don’t get it man. For the record I am not a Catholic that’s number one. I was always brought up to recognise that we all have our own religions and I agree with that; indeed I respect that so you can count that as number two. The gentleman in question has apologised for something he quoted as I said before and these fundamentalists have seized on that to try and create more violence. I mean just look at what The Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he expressed respect for Benedict and acknowledged the Pontiff had "modified" his remarks. That’s number three Hardly anybody in the western world really holds a grudge against the Islamic faith. As regards al Qaeda well I for one along with billions of others hold a grudge against them certainly and why not; all their BLOODY HOLY JIHAD’S (holy wars) their sneaky attacks against the west. That’s number four. Regarding the religious aspect well even the Islamic faith admits that Jesus Christ was first and although not deeply religious myself most of us know that God spoke to the Jews first and not the Moslems; there were no Moslems in those days (oh why am I not there now) the source for this Islamic admission is on here. Reports click here {ISLAM} So that’s number five So for goodness sake pipe down youse lot and lets all concentrate on trying to make this grief stricken world a better one. {Report} click here ````````````````````````````````````````

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