This report I read appears to be dinkum.

At first glance when I read this report; I thought no way I thought what a lot of rot BUT after reading into it more thoroughly I did find it appeared to have some truth in it, it seems by all accounts to have been a twin to this guy’s Mother incredible it has a technical name what hasn’t these days called fetus in fetu. What’s more, there are fewer than 90 cases of fetus in fetu recorded in medical literature. I didn’t doubt it then and I did read this quite thoroughly I assure you. In fact it happened some time ago but there is a video of it on [here] and there are more interesting video clips on this site re strange events. To cut to the chase it was in his abdomen for almost four decades. He does say he was rather embarrassed by all this and is still poked fun of which is a bad thing in my view. That’s human beings for you. Always kicking a bloke when he’s down a definite no no in my book really crook; to think this bloke wandered around with that in his abdomen and being ridiculed by his own people stinks in my view. I thought I would look deeper into this and found a variety of sites a lot were bloggers the language used on the comments was shocking to me there was no need for that, that something of this nature occurred is born out by Wiki as well I saw a video of this on a blog site but I cannot get a link and I have searched as well on You tube as I saw a video of this on a blog site from You tube but I cannot get a link and I have searched you tube thoroughly. still there are videos on the original link so I think it best that you judge for yourself. It only appeared on the first link today by the way and yet it happened a few years ago which I thought odd. [From Wiki]

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