This to be frank smells

In fact it is really on the bugle . What a crappy world we live in today what with that Joker Foley in the American Republican party and this bloke Moti from The Solomon’s who I am ashamed to say is an Australian. Something has to be done to stamp out this Paedophilia (I assure you it can be spelt this way look it up) it happens in the Church, ah I hear you say Roman Catholicism with their vows of chastity; not so it also has happened in the Anglican Church where there are no chastity rules. It goes on in all walks of life to be honest and is not to be confused with bisexuals either; we are talking children here for God’s sake This is a totally different thing involving children; I do not know the law regarding this in the USA and feel sorry for George Bush as he has to accept responsibility indeed he did say this I think. This joker Moti well yeah he has to be found and given back to us for trial. Seems obvious he has been hiding out in the Solomons High Commission in Papua New Guinea over the past week, having jumped bail following a local court hearing. Now I hear whispers of immunity with his diplomatic passport but I don’t think it will wash Solomons Prime Minister Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says Australia's pursuit of Moti is an attempt to undermine his government. Utter crap in my opinion, the Papuan New Guinea Authorities now it seems do not want to pursue the matter, indeed says we Australia have not followed due process in an extradition process. Not so says our justice minister Senator Ellison. From cases in the past we have managed to extradite crims etc so why should this be any different? Well for one he is the Solomons Attorney General and for another he skipped bail in Papua New Guinea; I wonder why. Personally I reckon Downer will get the rotten bastard so he can face a court of his peers to decide whether or not he is guilty, yep it goes without saying my money is on our sometimes hated Foreign Minister Andrew Downer. Quote” Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has warned the Papua New Guinea government that Canberra expects to find and extradite a fugitive Australian lawyer wanted to face child sex charges” unquote. THE Federal Government has told officials from three Pacific nations it does not need mediators to help resolve Canberra's damaging row with the Solomon Islands. The delegation has also been told Canberra expects fugitive Solomons attorney-general Julian Moti to be handed over to Australian police to face child sex charges. I just cannot understand why an Australian citizen is the Attorney General of the Solomon Islands most odd. Did we have anything to do with that surely not. Sourced from the Melbourne Age, Sydney Morning Herald http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping ************************************************************************************

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