My weekend which was great again for the second time in a row

I really enjoyed it as well much the same as last week really but well kinda different but good. I had been invited to my youngest son’s place today actually Sunday October 29 but it was changed to the Saturday sooo I whizzed over in my little car and strike me nobody was there it seems I got the time mixed up not unusual for me either. The tucker was good fantastic all the same and my daughter in law cooked this first up was king Prawns natural of course and then the main food was grilled fresh fish done in garlic with the usual salad that Jenny prepares, I like her salads as she always puts Avocado’s in them, for desert Mud cake with cream yum oh I nearly forgot two bottles of Australian Chardonnay. After this great tucker which we ate on the balcony we trooped downstairs and watched a movie through a projector on a huge screen called true lies; I fell asleep of course lol. There are some images of this huge screen on here. Next morning {today} I went with my youngest son for breakfast Al Fresco at his local surf club and the number of people there quite astounded me really, bacon, eggs tomatoes and toast was my preference. I then went home but detoured first and took this small video clip of the commemoration site of the HMAS Brisbane which was paid off and given to the Queensland Government to be scuttled as a reef for divers so enjoy the brief clip which I uploaded to You Tube for this purpose. Not being an expert at this there is a little footage which is not necessary, also my panning was not the best hey a movie director I’m not ok lol. Here's what she looked like when still a commisioned ship of the Royal Australian Navy and I really enjoyed my three days at sea on her, and the crew mixed now these days were very patient with this landlubber here. Enjoy it I did.

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