I read this with some interest re Ontario Canada

This has just popped into my mail box from a friend from Toronto. I have reproduced it below AND have added my cutting remarks about it as I think Mayor Miller (pictured above) is wrong and why my friend sends me these snippets I really don’t know as I am always reminding him I read the Toronto Star which I consider a rag. Immigrants should have the right to vote in municipal elections even if they haven’t yet become citizens, Mayor David Miller says. "It’s time to allow landed immigrants to vote in municipal elections," Miller told the Star’s editorial board in a question and answer session today. "We allow people who don’t live in Toronto to vote, simply because they own property here," Miller said. "It’s not like a national election; you’re not determining issues of what this country should do or shouldn’t do," he said. "You’re determining issues that directly affect people’s lives." "And if we ask ourselves: How have we let neighbourhoods’ where there are often high proportions of landed immigrants deteriorate, one of the reasons is, they haven’t had a vote. They haven’t had a real say in the decisions that are affecting them. "And if somebody who lives in Calgary, but owns a piece of property here has a right to vote in municipal elections, I think somebody who lives here, committed to the city, has a right to vote." Allowing immigrants to vote would require a change in Ontario’s Municipal Elections Act. I only have one thing to say really regarding these municipal elections there and that is nobody but nobody should in my fervent opinion be allowed the right to vote unless they are a Canadian citizen. This bloke Mayor Miller just wants votes for himself who by the way is a Brit (you are naturalised I trust David?) LMAO. It is against the law indeed not permitted here in Australia in any election, unless a citizen of course. I don’t know the facts regarding the United States however but I imagine to be enrolled one would need to be a citizen there; I just checked and one has to be a citizen. Get off the grass Miller I’m glad I don’t live in Canada if this is the way you want things done. Do you really want to help these folk ok you do so how about giving them funds help them in this way; much better I think and then help them to get naturalised. If these people cannot afford to get naturalised but WANT to vote this is the operative word here WANT I suggest you put a motion before your Monthly meeting or whatever you call it there get the support of your fellow councilor's; Ah you have done that I see! I still dont think your scheming plan will work the laws of the land will not be changed because you desire the Immigrant vote. Good luck with it my opinion is that it SUCKS.

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