Colonial powers through history

Or the myth of comparing ancient Rome with the USA, at the moment ruled by old George here. I came across an interesting article by the BBC today it seems 'Rome and America were founded upon the same myth, and it has shaped their destiny.' I must explore this further. I was always under the impression that Great Britain (a tiny little place) was one, followed by the French, Dutch, Roman, Spanish, Incas oh and of course in the Middle east (in this case long before Jesus was heard of) then of course possibly Japan who did a bit of this colonisation, China I know nothing nor care either well Tibet maybe!! But it is I would say one of the worlds Civilisations. I digress however I was trying to blog about Rome and America. However debatable, it could equally be applied to the Roman republic. Which I fail to see really as I always thought they had Caesars who ruled in an autocratic manner well some did come to think of it so does George Bush he seems quite Autocratic. By 146 BC, the Romans found themselves the undisputed masters of the Mediterranean world. But they had achieved this without ever really intending to, and consequently they were unprepared to take on that mantle. How do we know this you got me I sure don’t know, I always thought they conquered the then known world from Britain and parts of Europe to the Middle East. According to my reading Rome was proud of her Empire (so were all the rest I might add) yet America, so the argument goes, will not forge an empire like Rome’s, because the US does not have an imperialist culture. This is not strictly correct as they have Colonies one springs to mind at once American Samoa there are a few more but not many. And yet both cultures got into this position by mistake well according to my reading all on a site at the bottom of this blog. Yeah well you could have fooled me Bush is now the head world policeman, a new name for him could be (I love this lol)”WORLD POLICE COMMISIONER” as well as The President of the United States of America. however His Majesty King George of the World sounds Real good and he has his court advisers there like Dick and Condi so is he set for life? No. One problem he has and cannot change yet at least is the law of the land and can only reign for 8 years How glorious that sounds and he spends billions possibly trillions of dollars on his Empire while his native subject’s fork out this cash and a lot are in need of urgent medical treatment better education the list is endless. Got off the track slightly he annoys the crap out of me at times. It seems in 500 BC the Etruscans were routed from Rome over would you believe some love affair or rape yeah I understand the rape bit and would be wild; Rome then set up a republic. This is a direct quote” Fast-forward 2,000 years to Boston, Massachusetts, where a small group of die-hards are tipping a cargo of tea into the harbour in an act of defiance against their colonial masters. In the war that follows, the defining act of the fledgling American republic is the daring midnight ride of Paul Revere to warn his compatriots of an approaching British army. And so the republic is saved and goes on to defeat its colonial masters, ejecting them from American soil and conquering vast tracts of colonial land in defence of its hard-won freedom. Frankly I’m glad they did and it was hard won from what I have read on the subject. We got rid of our British Masters as well we may not have fought them in a pitched battle but we fought for them in many a war ( a warlike troublesome race the Brits back then and still are at times) still I did read that American colonists who were actually loyal to King George (that sounds familiar I bet lol) fought for Britain. The details are different, but the sentiment is the same. Both Rome and America were founded on a myth of liberty - a tale of plucky underdogs fighting an evil empire in defence of their rightful freedom from the oppressor’s yoke. so I read at least. It seems the Founding Fathers of America was in fact based on the Ancient Roman Model and reading it I’d say it was senators and all that hey we have those I just love voting for ours I know, anyone on my shitlist goes at the bottom. Back to the comparisons of these two great nations. Tyrants invade their defenceless neighbours and impose their will upon the defeated population. Tyrant’s annexe vast tracts of land that don't belong to them. Tyrants go to war on a whim. Whereas Republics only go to war in defence of their people. If this happens to expand their empire, then that’s not intentional, it’s just a natural consequence of a perfectly justified act of self-defence. After all, republics only annexe territory that is rightfully theirs. Don’t they? Yeah right this is no defence for POTUS in my opinion, it may well have been so after 9/11 but then to publicly declare After Afghanistan we are looking at Iraq and then Iran and rope other countries in to help is in my book a dead set no no. This site makes for very interesting reading as there are other features on history on it so thanks to the BBC history site. BBC http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping *****************************************

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