How much longer will this Middle Eastern Farce drag on for?

Who knows? A few years I reckon. All I and most likely all folk who read their newspapers, listen to the radio/view TV must surely be wondering now about the so called trial of Saddam; me I am sick of it all. I sometimes wonder if that old fashioned method used in British courts of law last century would be better you know the one where the defendant was gagged but the trial continued. In my opinion this bloke is just stalling the inevitable fate he most likely will suffer. The rate its going it could draw out for years. Who is paying for this farce is the American government paying or the newly installed Iraqi government. If it is the American government they in my opinion should withdraw the funds their own citizens need it more. President Bush is only concerned with his own outlook in all of this; for what its worth I think the troops should be withdrawn post haste let them get on with it has the UN any suggestions who knows they are a weak spineless lot. President Bush should in my opinion look to his laurels November 2008 loometh. If a poll was taken right now I think the whole world would want a withdrawal of troops in the country judging from what I have read. Saddam should really be facing judges at the international court in The Hague in my opinion; the funding for it is rather hard to determine. Why not an international court? The Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) precludes that Court from trying cases that involved crimes committed prior to July 2002; most of Saddam Hussein's crimes were committed before that time. And creating a new U.N. ad hoc war crimes tribunal, like the tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, requires the approval of the U.N. Security Council. Several countries that wield a veto on the Council made it known that they would not vote for an ad hoc tribunal to try Saddam Hussein. A real mess all around and to think if Mr Bush had not gone into Iraq maybe a lot of death and misery in Iraq and I include everybody including the coalition forces would never have occurred. Oh the misery and death would have still happened to innocents there but as they say out of sight out of mind. Thanks to Osama Bin Laden I guess this would never have happened lets face it we have always had tyrants a few come to mind such as Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin to name but 2 there were and still are many more. I personally think that the rules re the trying of dictators who have wreaked mayhem should be revised by the UN all countries who are members of that body have to pay a levy so it is high time the UN charter was revised and not just for that it should be revised for a host of reasons. A case in point is the UN troops standing idly by a few years ago (probably still are) just letting folk go through checkpoints between Israel and the Lebanon or one of those countries I have forgotten now a symptom of old age I guess. Difficult to do perhaps what with vetos abstentions etc but concerned countries should put the pressure on to enforce it. From what I have read and what my mind perceives, this farcical trial in Bagdad will drag out possibly for years. Saddam and his cohorts on trial with him know this and are just disrupting proceedings something must be done. How must the coalition forces there and mainly American I might add feel because I’d know how I would feel. In fact I feel incensed now and I am just a lowly retiree, at least I’m not being shot at like they are. Philadelphia Inquirer Law Ireland online

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