The saga continues with my birthday celebration and some news snippets of interest

Gosh I feel old lol. My daughter carried on with celebrating my seventieth Birthday with a night out at a bowling club in Maroochydore and I thought it real good of her I got a very much needed set of stepladders so I can change light globes; stuff like that and a few small gifts from folk I hardly know really although I have met them so I was really touched and more to come it seems from my youngest son and his wife this coming Sunday fresh Aussie seafood yum so I am looking forward to that for sure. So at the moment I am the flavour of the month and savouring it. I really appreciated it all as well and thanked them all so I thought I would blog it. ********************************************************************** Good ole Peter Beattie and his big mouth Your Bull dust is now sticking in my craw and thousands of other's And he has still not come good on his election promise re hospital waiting lists for surgery, so how about it Beattie my boy when are you going to fix this I mean you really won the election on this premise frankly I am sick of waiting to get my other eye fixed up; I’m not the only one of course YOU MUST FIX THIS PROBLEM LIKE YESTERDAY, and yet you put your foot in it with a lot of garbage about daylight saving time. Don’t be an IDIOT Mr. Premier the worst time of the day for the sun is between 10 AM and 3 PM which is not to say I don’t agree with you re daylight saving time being a dam nuisance as it is it messes up animal feeding habits irks farmers and puts our financial institutions into disarray. More to the point is these hospital waiting lists, you have been dragging your heels far too long on this, and you more or less got elected with a promise to fix it. I shall not vote for you next time no way I and no doubt thousands of Queenslanders who need their cataracts removed will be blind by the time you fix it if ever. You dragged your heels over the electricity problem as well; my confidence in you has gone sport PULL YOUR FINGER OUT, for a Labor man this actually goes against all party principles. Mail **************************************************************** US rejects Hicks sex abuse claims Yeah and so does our government lacklustre lot If what I read in this report is to be believed it’s about time both the US and the Australian government pulled their fingers out as well. How about it Downer you are the foreign minister even David Hicks American Military lawyer Major Michael Mori, accused the Australian Government of failing to conduct its own investigation despite having information as far back as May 2003 that Mr. Hicks had been mistreated. You lot in Canberra and Washington may have written him off but thousands of us ordinary folk here have not, if this report is to be believed the disgusting things done to David makes an American or Aussie gaol a holiday camp. He has now been in the hell hole of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for five years without a trial, he has a family he has never seen and indescribable things done to him, and I believe it. SMH ******************************************************* The saga of the Solomon Islands So at the pacific Island Forum we have it seems Prime Minister Mr. Sogavare of the Solomon Islands has been granted a small concession, more a face saving I reckon than anything else considering we were asked 3 years ago to restore law and order there this was almost accomplished when the warlike Sogavare decided he wanted Julian Moti as his attorney General, And still wants him even though he is on bail for alleged child molesting; something is rotten here to the very core. We have aided financially to this joker and more or less had law and order resumed there when this happened. Not only are our Military there but also a contingent of our Federal Police lawyers and the like, these are the same police who aided Indonesia to bring to trial the Bali Bombers. And of course the Papuan New Guinea Government looks as though they were involved in this Moto characters’ escape from there back to Honoraria. Me personally I think they were involved up to their necks whatever their Prime Minister says. The truth will out I think in the long run and Somare doesn’t like it. Tough BBC **********************************************


  1. Happy Birthday, Mickster!

    Technically, you're old enough to be my grandfather. But it sure is good to have you still kickin'!

    Here's hoping I'm still full of as much piss and vinegar as you at that age!


  2. Thanks for the compliment Jason Ah you will hopefully be a bit more fiery than me I sure hope so.
    The compliment was much appreciated I confess to having a grog or three one of which was wild Turkey my Irish sadly was not on sale