A cricketing country never!!! Who knows

Some cricketing facts even the USA has most likely forgotten I had. All you have to do now is win the final after beating New Zealand not an easy task but I am rooting for you. And something caught my eye in this report from the SMH it seems Australia could be playing India in New York next year as part of a five-match one-day series in North America. Cricket Australia is in talks with the Indian cricket board about the proposed tour, which could occur after the World Cup I sure hope that takes off the ground but I have my doubts although way way back cricket was played there and in Canada also if I recall my history. Just looked it in one of the numerous books I have on cricket and it seems that England toured from 1859 until 1924 indeed at the beginning north America at the time was regarded as the strongest home of the game outside of England although there was a tour there by the Brits as late as 1959; 25 games played on that occasion, these facts were obtained by an excellent book by Peter Wynne Thomas, Now that’s a new one on me I must have squizzed through it very quickly but I recall us Aussies sending teams to Canada and not so long ago either Allan Border was el Capitan of the eleven I think!! Well he was in the team I know. Pictured at the top of this blog is the first British cricket team that toured the USA captained by G Parr 5 games were played in all some were played in Canada some were combined American Canadian teams, sadly all were losses to our old enemy the Brits excepting one drawn game. The stats are pictured here also. From what I have read there was a skirmish in 1846 between a US bowler and a Canadian batsman which could well have soured the game in America sadly; the fixture was abandoned for quite a few years and yet it was considered the norm but had been abolished in the eighteenth century, I read this courtesy of Ashley Brown’s book which I have. This blog may be of interest to sportsmen all over the world!! I sure hope so and am looking forward to watching this proposed series of games in New York next year.

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