Why is he still here and other stuff.

It seems that this CUR originally from Egypt is being let off the hook by a group of senior Moslems in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. So Mr Prime Minister when are you taking action you will receive my mail in a few days time complaining about the disgusting way he rubbished our women folk. I reckon there will be many such letters from concerned citizens like myself. This joker the supposed grand Mufti of Sydney possibly Australia is far too outspoken he has to go. I am not a biased man but this is beyond all redemption and you can believe these senior Moslems if you wish; their decision however in my opinion is wrong. Let us hope your decision on this matter Mr Howard is the correct one. The whole world has bent over backwards for these people and yet we still have some truly fanatical ones sadly; we all know that most of them are not like this joker. The remarks could be construed in a number of ways but deep down they hurt and is not an excuse. This report says that he was alluding to the gang rapes in 2000 that may be the case but it is not an excuse for these statements of his. Pru Goward, Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner is quoted as saying. "Young Muslim men who now rape women can cite this in court, can quote their leader in court." It would not do any good were I a jurist of course but yes it has set a precedence. Here is a clip of our Queensland Premier today commenting on it as it seems this joker has been invited to my State. Powered by Castpost NZH `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` We have had an eruption in Sydney of late as well as this one Eruptions from the sun or solar eruptions I cannot for the life of me see why this is happening but if as the article says it can help us in any way then it cannot be a bad thing, these eruptions it seems can disrupt satellites, radio communications and power systems. They can be hazards to Spacecraft and Astronauts/Cosmonauts and in years to come a lot of ordinary people and are responsible for the Northern lights, the Aurora Borealis, Southern lights or Southern Aurora the Aurora Australis so yes a good thing. I have just read a book by Buzz Aldrin/John Barnes nothing to do with this excepting the dangers of space debris and the need to clear it up as it is a hazard just like these solar eruptions BUT human life could be at a great risk if say a shuttle encountered one, so I do wish these folk had looked at this problem as well, hopefully they have!!! Boston Globe ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Good news for smokers!!! Well it could well be according to this report I read it’s just a simple CT scan called ROUTINE Computed Tomography which in ordinary language just means screening of people at high risk of lung cancer with this and the word ROUTINE and SIMPLE suggests it could be cheap; it seems it can substantially drive down the death rate, according to a controversial new study led by a team of American researchers; yeah I know another study but a much more important one than a lot of them which are just so much crap; funded by taxpayers naturally. I know quite a few folk who would be interested in this. When is it due to hit the streets LOL. Good news for smokers Herald Tribune

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