The plot deepens in the Solomon Islands

Not that it’s the only one going on in the World

There are many strange happenings of late it seems with US President George Bush likening the Iraqi Campaign as another Vietnam to a member of the fourth estate, this of course was put into context later by a Whitehouse Spokesperson.

I have read this in many world newspapers around the world and they all report much the same thing.

It also seems that although a patient man he will not put up with dawdling but he will not cut and run just yet; British Prime minister Anthony Blair seems of the same opinion. The thing is neither of these two men has really considered what we the great unwashed feel.

Americans are a caring and compassionate people as most of us know but their patience must be wearing a tad thin now the loss of their military’s lives and of innocent civilians bears to this surely same with the UK and to us here in Australia also.

The troops must surely have had enough by now no wonder they are fed up.

This site is just as good as any other to read if you are inclined to do that.



Yeah well enough of that old George has enough on his plate I reckon so back to the Solomon Island affair which it seems is not a storm in a tea cup at all and involves Papua New Guinea and with the Pacific forum coming up in my opinion has to be solved real fast.

It would appear this affair in the Solomon Islands is now getting more involved than ever.

Seems our Federal police is involved up to its neck more than ever now getting mixed up with the arrest and charging of the Solomon Island’s minister for immigration for allegedly aiding with purportedly the PNG Government; denied of course but then I don’t put much faith in governments these days.

This of course is a direct result of their attorney General who fled PNG after being charged on child molesting an Australian citizen as well but he was stripped of that I believe.

So this other Joker aids him to escape justice not nice and disgusting if proven.

He was granted bail by an Aussie magistrate who was a tad perplexed; he’s not the only one, I know I am this is starting to look like a farce to me although there has to be some truth in all this.

I don’t think we would go off half cocked over it.

Mind you I recall one Prime Minister who was fired in 1975 over another matter entirely but he used to go off half cocked quite a bit.

In fact my father could not get over what he said in the Parliament.

These were his very words when there was a debate about the longest serving Queensland Premier I quote” that bible punching bastard “ unquote although the word bastard is used here in almost everyday life it is not considered bad to be called one well depending on the tone of voice used I guess, even then I had a shock; I kid you not peoples.

Yeah well back to this Solomon’s bizzo I certainly hope it’s cleared up real quick before the Pacific Forum which commences in Nadi Fiji next week.

Seems there are threats of another military coup there and Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand does not wish to be caught up in it and I can’t say I blame her either our little incumbent is going of course and I think he’s going to cop it over the PNG/Solomon Island’s affair.

A wait and see situation I reckon, SMH and New Zealand Herald report.


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