Sorry but I am a sceptic

Or I have heard this B/S before. Of course there could well be something in this Aussie Yowie thingy which is no worse than the Yeti, Bigfoot or Sasquatch in fact thinking about it they all sound the same to me. Nobody say they are aliens from another world either as why would huge hairy beasts such as these want to come to our troubled world and with no technology that’s not on either; do they have ray guns or death beams lol not as far as I recall; oh dam it I wish I could see one, just to put my mind at rest you know ah got it; beam me down to the precise location Scottie LMAO; whoops beam me up Scottie. Seriously yeah it could well be true but why have they never revealed themselves to us one reason could be we are a warlike mob I guess but this site made for some funny and interesting reading. Strange Nation I took some time reading it; well it passed the time I guess as my e-mail is all up to date. I have to admit there are some serious folk on this site yowieing on about it Nah I can’t see it I mean there have been tracks of these mythical beings spotted. Photographed even made into casts no doubt studied by some mob but for what if they choose to remain hidden who cares I sure don’t. So what do you think after a squizz at this thing pictured here. A blown up Gorilla surely not.

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